PRESS RELEASE: Catholics United Delivers Community Support Letter to St. Joseph’s Hospital

Posted January 06, 2011

More than 550 Local Members Publicly Stand behind Institution's Catholic Mission

Phoenix, AZ – Today, local members of the national group Catholics United delivered a letter to the administration of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center expressing support for the institution's Catholic mission and identity. More than 550 Catholics United members from Arizona signed the letter in the wake of Phoenix bishop Thomas Olmsted’s recent decision to strip the hospital of its Catholic credentials. The delegation also delivered a copy of the letter to Bishop Olmsted's office at the Diocese of Phoenix.

Arizona Catholics United members deliver a letter of support
for St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix

PRESS RELEASE: Catholic League's Bill Donohue Ignores Findings of Medical Ethicists

Posted December 23, 2010

Press Release Seeks to Politicize Phoenix Catholic Hospital Flap

Washington, DC – Catholic League president Bill Donohue – a “culture warrior” backed by the leader of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops – weighed in today on Phoenix bishop Thomas Olmsted's decision to revoke the Catholic credentials of a local hospital. The bishop accused the hospital of performing a direct abortion procedure in November 2009, despite the fact that his own inquiry found that the hospital did not violate Catholic medical ethics standards. The hospital also has the support of the Catholic Health Association, the U.S. Catholic community's foremost health care authority.

In a press release entitled “The War on Catholic Hospitals,” Donohue repeats the bogus abortion charge and calls Olmsted a “hero.” He then uses the Phoenix incident as an excuse to attack the Obama Administration, even though the president has had absolutely nothing to say about the matter.

Catholics United executive director Chris Korzen issued the following statement in response:

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics Express Support for St. Joseph’s Hospital

Posted December 23, 2010

Call on Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmstead to Reverse Revocation of Hospital’s Catholic Identity

Washington, DC – Catholics United today offered its wholehearted support for St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, which was stripped of its Catholic identity by Phoenix Bishop Thomas Olmstead this week. The bishop's decision stemmed from an incident in November 2009 in which hospital administrators performed a life-saving procedure on a pregnant patient which resulted in the death of the fetus.

The Catholic Church's $400,000 Fax Machine

Posted December 20, 2010

Catholic League President William Donohue Receives $399,156 in Annual Compensation; Organization Holds $26 Million in Assets

Washington, DC – Controversial Catholic League president William Donohue – whose work has now gained the support of the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops – earned a salary of $342,500 in 2009, with an additional $56,656 in fringe benefits. According to annual IRS Form 990 filings, the organization spent more than $2.6 million in 2009, despite the fact that its program work constitutes little more than the issuing of inflammatory press releases.

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics Protest Bishops' Conference's Foray into Culture War

Posted December 17, 2010

Catholics United Calls on USCCB President Archbishop Timothy Dolan to Retract Defense of William Donohue and the Catholic League

Catholics United today called on its 45,000 members to ask New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), to retract recent comments supporting the Catholic League and its controversial and polarizing president William Donohue. The move comes as Donohue steps up his annual effort to use the Christmas holiday as a cultural wedge issue.

On Thursday, Dolan authored a blog post on the New York archdiocesan web site expressing support for the Catholic League's recent campaign against a privately funded art exhibit at the Smithsonian. In the post, Dolan writes,

No one should doubt the high value and necessity of [William Donohue's] efforts, or dismiss him in crude terms. Even the recent high-volume critiques of his stand on this controversy exhibit nasty anti-catholic canards. Keep at it, Bill! We need you!

PRESS RELEASE: Cultural Warrior Bill Donohue Misrepresents Catholicism with Art Attack

Posted December 02, 2010

Successfully manufactures controversy in time for end-of-year fundraising efforts

Catholics United Communications Director, James Salt, issued the following statement in response to the Catholic League’s criticism of the David Wojnarowicz exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. On Wednesday, December 1st, the director of the portrait gallery removed the artwork at the center of the Catholic League’s attacks.

“Just in time for his end-of-the-year fundraising efforts, Bill Donohue and the Catholic League have once again manufactured a controversy for their never-ending culture war. During this season of Advent, most Catholics and people of faith are concerned about the sluggish economy and how it affects our families, not Bill Donohue’s crusade against art. If Bill Donohue were truly interested in following Jesus, he’d drop this culture-war shtick and do something more productive for those less fortunate than himself.”

Will the Real Catholic Bishops Please Stand Up?

Posted November 15, 2010

Catholics United Calls on Church Leadership to Recommit to Social Justice Principles at Annual Meeting

As the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops gathered for its annual meeting in Baltimore Monday, Catholics United executive director Chris Korzen issued the following statement:

“The USCCB's meeting comes at a time of unprecedented political engagement on the part of many individual bishops, whose collective efforts have served to bolster the conservative movement's attempts to undermine the Obama Administration's social and economic agenda. Many bishops will be tempted to celebrate recent election results as a victory for Catholic values. We hope many more will recognize the danger now posed to our church's teaching on social justice and the common good.

“For those Bishops committed to the church's teachings on social justice, we ask that they vocally oppose repeal of health care reform, erosion of the social safety net, demonization of government, and free market idolatry.”

PRESS RELEASE: Federal Court Won’t Halt Inquiry into False Claims by Extremist Susan B. Anthony List

Posted October 26, 2010

SBA List Could be Penalized for Ad Campaign Intentionally Misleading Voters About Health Reform Law

Cincinnati, OH – A federal judge ruled today that the Susan B. Anthony List will have to answer to the Ohio Elections Commission for its advertisements making blatantly false claims on abortion. The Susan B. Anthony List had attempted to run misleading billboard ads in a number of highly contested congressional districts.

“This is good news for all Americans because everyone, regardless of political party, should be able to make decisions about voting based on the reality of a candidate’s record, not on which party or candidate can afford to spread more lies,” said Chris Korzen, executive director of Catholics United.

PRESS RELEASE: Erie-Area Religious and Community Leaders Call on Susan B. Anthony List to Suspend False Election Ads

Posted October 21, 2010

Erie, PA – Fifty-four religious and community leaders - including nuns, priests, ministers, and business owners - released a statement today calling on the self-described pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List to end its deceptive advertising campaign against Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-03). SBA List is currently running billboard and radio ads in Erie County which inaccurately claim that Dahlkemper allowed taxpayer funding of abortion by voting for the health care reform act earlier this year. Multiple independent analyses and media fact-checks have shown this claim to be untrue.

The Susan B. Anthony List is at the center of a legal dispute in neighboring Ohio over whether an identical ad campaign aimed at Rep. Steve Driehaus (OH-01) violated a state law prohibiting false electioneering claims. Earlier this month, the Ohio Elections Commission found probable cause that SBA List had acted illegally. An investigation is pending.

PRESS RELEASE: What is Susan B. Anthony List Hiding?

Posted October 18, 2010

Group Sues in Federal Court to Block Ohio Commission’s Investigation of False Ad Campaign

Washington, DC – The self-described pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List today asked a federal judge to overturn an Ohio law requiring truth in political advertising. Last week, the Ohio Elections Commission found probable cause that the organization violated the law in asserting that Rep. Steve Driehaus (OH-01) voted for taxpayer funding of abortion. Now, SBA List is seeking to block legal efforts to discover whether it and other organizations knew they were making false statements in order to influence the November elections.

Catholics United executive director Chris Korzen issued the following statement today in response to Susan B. Anthony List’s new legal challenge:

“The Susan B. Anthony List has argued all along that the health care reform act allows federal funding of abortion. If this is true, the group should welcome the opportunity to defend its claims. SBA List's attempt to use the federal courts to strike down an Ohio state law requiring truth in political advertising speaks volumes about its lack of confidence that the facts are on its side.”