PRESS RELEASE: Catholics United Reminds Bishops: Christians Indeed Persecuted, but Not Here

Posted July 05, 2012

During wrap-up of bishops’ election-year “Fortnight for Freedom,” Catholics express disappointment at division caused by politics from the pulpit

WASHINGTON – Last Sunday, in the small town of Garissa in Kenya, 17 Christians were shot to death while attending church. This was not a random attack -- they were massacred simply for living their beliefs.

Today, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the US Catholic bishops ended the “Fortnight for Freedom” campaign, which claimed that because employees of Catholic hospitals and universities now have coverage of contraception, the Catholic Church in America is somehow under intense persecution.

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics United Issues Statement on Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

Posted June 28, 2012

WASHINGTON – Catholics United Executive Director James Salt released the following statement after the announcement of the Supreme Court ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:

“Today’s ruling is a victory for the soul of America. As a nation built on the principles of community, personal responsibility and solidarity, this ruling affirms the moral fiber of this nation is strong. Catholics United is grateful the Supreme Court overcame the politics of division to serve the least among us.”

Founded in 2004, Catholics United is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting the message of justice and the common good found at the heart of the Catholic Social Tradition. For more information about Catholics United, follow us on our Facebook page ( or on our blog at

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics United Condemns Disgusting, Violent Comments Against Nuns on the Bus

Posted June 25, 2012

Iowa DJ asks Congressman Tom Latham to “pistol whip” women religious; Latham finds this hilarious

WASHINGTON – Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson launched a volley in the “War on Women” today, suggesting Republican Congressman Tom Latham order the women religious riding on the “Nuns on the Bus” tour be pulled over and beaten for publicly protesting Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan. Congressman Latham not only did not condemn this suggestion, but evidently found it amusing.

Transcript from the discussion:
MICKELSON: There’s a bus full of nuns headed towards Washington to lobby against
the Ryan plan. Do you guys, do you have any power to pull the “Nuns on the Bus” over and “pistol whip” them?

LATHAM: It’s always fun to be on your show. [Laughter]

“This is yet another disgusting attack on women religious for the crime of standing up for the poor and marginalized,” said James Salt, executive director of Catholics United. “Anyone who thinks comments like this are humorous give up their ability to be taken seriously in civil society. I call for Rep. Latham to immediately and unequivocally condemn this ‘joke.’”

Catholics United's James Salt on the Bill Press Show

Posted May 23, 2012

You can listen to James talk about lawsuits filed against the HHS contraceptive accommodation on The Bill Press Show here:

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics United Responds to HHS Lawsuits: “An Insult” to Persecuted Christians Worldwide

Posted May 21, 2012

In response to lawsuits against the HHS contraception mandate, lay Catholic group challenges motives of bishops

WASHINGTON – Today, more than 40 organizations, including the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., and the University of Notre Dame, filed suit against the Department of Health and Human Services contraception coverage mandate. Catholics United reiterated its position asserting that this suit serves a right wing political agenda on the part of the bishops rather than defending against a legitimate threat to religious liberty.

Given past silence on the part of the bishops and Catholic institutions over very similar, often more comprehensive, contraceptive health care mandates in 28 states, it remains a curious coincidence the bishops would choose to stand opposed to a Democratic administration in an election year.

PRESS RELEASE: On Day of Speech Protest, Paul Ryan Renounces Ayn Rand

Posted April 27, 2012

While disavowing the anti-Christian philosopher, Rep. Ryan has yet to denounce his Rand-inspired budget

WASHINGTON — Catholics United, teamed with members of the faith community and social justice protesters from Georgetown University, was pleased to learn Representative Paul Ryan renounced the social Darwinist teachings of Ayn Rand before his speech on campus Thursday morning. However, Ryan refused to join the US Catholic bishops in condemning his own Rand-inspired budget proposal.

Meeting outside of Georgetown University’s Healy Hall, where Rep. Ryan spoke for an hour yesterday morning, Catholics United members and their allies led a peaceful, prayerful protest of the devastating and un-Christian cuts to aid to the poor and vulnerable found in the Republican-sponsored budget. Joining protesters was an actor portraying “GOP Jesus,” a parody of recent right-wing attempts to re-engineer Christian teaching in a conservative slant.

MEDIA ADVISORY: Catholics to Protest Paul Ryan at Georgetown University

Posted April 25, 2012

Catholics to Protest Paul Ryan at Georgetown University

Join GU Faculty, Bishops, and Theologians in Opposing Ryan Budget, Which Gives Tax Breaks to the Wealthy at Expense of the Poor

Washington — Joining a growing drumbeat of Catholic backlash against Rep. Paul Ryan for his immoral budget proposal, Catholics and people of faith will stage a protest with a 50’ banner reading “WERE YOU THERE WHEN THEY CRUCIFIED THE POOR?” when he comes to Georgetown University tomorrow to give the Whittington Lecture.

Background: Rep. Ryan’s budget proposal is an outrageous slap in the face to our nation’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens. Economic inequality is growing, unemployment is frustratingly high and millions are holding on by just their fingertips. In the face of this, Rep. Ryan astonishingly used his Catholic faith as justification for breaking our covenant with seniors by ending Medicare as we know it and and dismantling food aid for the poor, all while rewarding the wealthy with massive tax cuts.

Catholics United members speaks about With Charity For All on KPFK

Posted April 16, 2012

Listen below for coverage of a Catholics United member speaking to KPFK about With Charity For All:

You can listen to the With Charity For All Uprising radio coverage here:

For more information about KPFK click on their website here.

PRESS RELEASE: Lay Catholics Create Alternative Fund to Support Charities Defunded by Right-Wing Pressure

Posted April 11, 2012, an alternative giving website, allows lay Catholics to support organizations without subsidizing the political activity of bishops

WASHINGTON – Catholics United, in partnership with local Catholic leaders from across the country, announced the launch of, an alternative donation website that allows lay Catholics and people of faith to donate to worthy charities threatened with defunding by right-wing pressure groups within the Catholic Church, as reported in an April 6 front page New York Times article.

PRESS RELEASE: On Good Friday, Catholics Demand Dolan Speak Out for the Poor

Posted April 10, 2012

Disappointed by his silence, Catholics United delivered petition to Cardinal imploring him to stand up for poor against Paul Ryan’s budget

NEW YORK – Teamed with Occupy Catholics and representatives from grassroots organizations serving the poor and marginalized, members of Catholics United, a national lay social justice organization, today peacefully demonstrated and delivered thousands of petition signatures to the New York City home of Timothy Cardinal Dolan, asking he publicly denounce the un-Christian budget proposal of Catholic Congressman Paul Ryan.

The petition, signed by more than 6,300 Catholics United members across the country, specifically called on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, of which Dolan is president, to use the same energy to denounce the social Darwinist principles of the Ryan budget as it has expended in its campaign against women’s access to contraception. Catholics United members delivered the petition after marching in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral with a 50 foot banner which read, “Were you there when they crucified the poor?”