PRESS RELEASE: Catholics Deliver Plea to Abp. Sartain: Stop Discrimination in Parishes

Posted June 28, 2013

Thousands of Catholics, people of faith signed on to petition imploring Seattle prelate to condemn ignorant remarks about gay kids

SEATTLE – Catholics across the country were in disbelief when a Seattle-area priest, Fr. Derek Lappe, disbanded his parish’s troop, affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, in response to the national organization’s decision to allow gay kids to join.

In response, local Catholics organized a petition asking Archbishop J. Peter Sartain to condemn this action and the priest’s ignorant remarks about these kids. Today, dozens of Catholics and people of faith delivered the more than 5,500 signatures to the Archdiocese at the chancery in Seattle.

“This petition asks the Archbishop to confirm what every good Catholic knows: God loves gay people, and of course that includes gay kids,” said Tee Earls, a gay Seattle Catholic, who earned the rank of Eagle Scout in the 1990s. “All kids deserve respect and the opportunity to enjoy Scouting, and this priest took that opportunity away from kids in his parish. We hope this petition encourages Archbishop Sartain to remind Fr. Lappe of what the Church really teaches.”

Catholics to Seattle Archbishop: Stop Bigotry in Our Parishes

Posted May 31, 2013

In response to a diocesan priest’s absurd claims about gay kids, Catholics United asks bishop to reaffirm Catholic teaching

WASHINGTON – Last Sunday, Fr. Derek Lappe of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church in Bremerton, Wash., decided to cut ties with the Boy Scouts of America. The reason? The Boy Scouts’ recent decision to allow gay kids to join.

According to a statement from Fr. Lappe, his parish cannot affiliate with an organization “that has decided to ratify or approve the self-identification of a 10-18 year old boy as ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual.’” In Fr. Lappe’s mind, gay kids don’t--or shouldn’t--exist. He supposed there may be instances of “same-sex attraction,” which are brought on by “lack of interest in sports,” “extreme shyness,” “lack of hand/eye coordination and resultant teasing,” and other theories.

PRESS RELEASE: Progressive groups also subject to IRS scrutiny, despite claims by Catholic far right

Posted May 15, 2013

Those who lack moral credibility should be ashamed for politicizing personal issues

WASHINGTON – Anne Hendershott, a far-right Catholic political activist aligned with Glenn Beck, today made the claim that the IRS’s 2010 audit of her personal finances was directly motivated by her criticisms of “ObamaCare” and the law’s proponents, such as social justice organizations like Catholics United. Talking to Glenn Beck’s online publication, TheBlaze, Ms. Hendershott repeatedly misstates facts about Catholics United and other Catholic groups.

More importantly, however, Ms. Hendershott erroneously implied that only conservative organizations were the subjects of heightened IRS scrutiny. In 2010, Catholics United Education Fund, an affiliate of the progressive advocacy group Catholics United, attempted to incorporate as a tax-exempt non-profit organization. The application languished for years, required multiple follow-up informational requests and cost thousands of dollars in legal fees. After many months of examination, the registration was approved.

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics United Continues Search for Christ's Elusive Condemnation of Gays

Posted March 26, 2013

In response to so-called “family values” groups protesting marriage equality hearings at the Supreme Court, CU announces in-depth investigation into missing anti-gay Gospel teachings

WASHINGTON – With the oral arguments underway at the Supreme Court for cases relating to California’s controversial Proposition 8 decision and the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, activists on both sides of the marriage equality debate are demonstrating in front of the highest court in the land.

On hand are so-called “family values” groups who claim Biblical authority of carrying out Christ’s message in their opposition to civil same-sex marriage rights. Noticeably absent, however, are the purported words of Christ to support this endeavor. Catholics United continues to search for that elusive condemnation text supposedly hidden somewhere deep in the Gospel.

Of course, that’s impossible. Christ never said anything about gay people. Still, this hasn’t stopped certain right wing groups from using his word to divide and confuse.

HABEMUS PAPAM! Catholics Celebrate Pope Francis

Posted March 14, 2013

Catholics Celebrate Pope Francis
Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina selected to rebuild this Church

WASHINGTON – Catholics United Executive Director James Salt made the following statement upon the election of Pope Francis as the leader of the universal Church:

“So as God called on St. Francis of Assisi to ‘rebuild His Church,’ Pope Francis, the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina, has been called to rebuild the worldwide Church on Earth.

“We are grateful to have a leader like Francis, with a long history of solidarity with the poor in the developing world, to continue to guide the Church into the 21st Century. We hope and pray that our Jesuit Holy Father has the wisdom and strength to direct the faithful around the world in a radical new direction: one that emphasizes the rich tradition of caring first for the least among us. May he be a prophetic voice of hope against oppression, and a leader of a social justice renewal of the world.”

Catholics United has spokespeople available in Rome, Washington, Los Angeles and elsewhere for comment.

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics Applaud Senator Rand Paul’s Opposition to Drone Use

Posted March 06, 2013

In speaking against the use of unmanned vehicles in targeted killings, Sen. Paul honors human dignity

WASHINGTON – Catholics United Executive Director James Salt made the following statement today, upon hearing of Senator Rand Paul’s strong statements against drone use:

“By speaking out against the use of drone strikes, Senator Paul is honoring human dignity and respecting the value of all human life. Our elected leaders must recognize the damaging and dehumanizing effect the use of drones has had in our prosecution of wars. We thank Senator Paul for fighting for the Common Good.”

Founded in 2004, Catholics United, and its educational arm, Catholics United Education Fund, are non-profit, non-partisan organizations dedicated to promoting the message of justice and the common good found at the heart of the Catholic Social Tradition.

For more information about Catholics United, “like” us on our Facebook page (, follow us on Twitter ( or on our blog at

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics United Calls on All Cardinals Tarnished by Scandal to Recuse Themselves from Upcoming Papal Conclave

Posted February 26, 2013

In response to Cardinal O’Brien’s decision to skip papal conclave, lay Catholics call on other cardinals involved in scandals to follow his lead

WASHINGTON – Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the most senior member of the Catholic hierarchy in the United Kingdom, announced Monday he would be stepping down from his post as administrator of the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, and would recuse himself from the upcoming papal conclave to replace Pope Benedict XVI.

This announcement came after allegations from several priests of inappropriate sexual advances made years ago by O’Brien while he administered a seminary in the UK. This marks the unusual circumstance of a cardinal recusing himself voluntarily after a scandalous event. Catholics United members delivered a petition Saturday to the North Hollywood, Calif., residence of legally-embattled Cardinal Roger Mahony asking that he, and any cardinal with a scandal on his conscience, recuse himself from the conclave.

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics, Abuse Victims Deliver Petition to Cardinal’s North Hollywood Residence

Posted February 25, 2013

Catholics United to church leaders: hear the cries of your flock

LOS ANGELES – Joined by allies from the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, Catholics United today delivered a lay-led petition of 10,000 signatures to the North Hollywood parish residence of Cardinal Roger Mahony, asking that he recuse himself from the upcoming papal conclave to find a replacement for Pope Benedict XVI.

Chris Pumpelly, Catholics United’s communications director, was joined by Joelle Casteix of SNAP and Andrea León-Grossmann, CU’s Los Angeles lay leader, in giving statements to the media before delivering the petition to church staff at St. Charles Borromeo.

Cardinal Mahony was not on site for the delivery, and is believed to have already departed for Rome. He was deposed for nearly four hours this morning by attorney Anthony De Marco for his part in an alleged cover-up of child sex abuse that occurred under his watch as leader of the Los Angeles Archdiocese.

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics Respond to Tone-Deaf Statement from Archdiocese

Posted February 15, 2013

Archbishop Gomez endorses Cardinal Mahony’s church-sponsored trip to Vatican despite growing call to stay home

WASHINGTON – The Archdiocese of Los Angeles released a statement this afternoon supporting Cardinal Roger Mahony’s participation in the upcoming papal conclave, despite recent revelations of child sex abuse cover-ups that occurred under his tenure as leader of the archdiocese. Catholics United is leading a nationwide effort to encourage Cardinal Mahony to do the right thing for the victims of child sex abuse and recuse himself from the conclave.

The petition can be found at

CU Executive Director James Salt released the following statement:

“Archbishop Gomez’s support for Cardinal Mahony’s participation in the papal conclave demonstrates the crisis of leadership within American Catholicism. Instead of defending the dignity of abuse victims, Archbishop Gomez has chosen to protect the hierarchy first. He clearly does not understand the pervasive hurt and anger within his flock.

PRESS RELEASE: Catholics Urge Disgraced Cardinal: Don’t Vote in the Papal Conclave

Posted February 14, 2013

Not appropriate for Cardinal shamed by sex abuse cover-up to choose next pontiff
WASHINGTON – After the stunning news that Pope Benedict XVI will be stepping down effective Feb. 28, Catholics in Los Angeles are urging Cardinal Roger Mahony to stay home instead of participating in the election to determine the next pope. Mahony was recently stripped of his public duties for his part in a sex abuse cover-up while he led the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

The College of Cardinals, made up of just fewer than 120 men under the voting eligibility cutoff age of 80, will meet at the Vatican in a closed door conference, known as a “conclave,” to determine the next leader of the worldwide Catholic church. Mahony, who participated in the 2005 gathering to elevate Joseph Ratzinger to the papacy, is 76 and still eligible to participate in the conclave.