Email from Catholics United member Patricia P.

Dear friend,

My name is Patricia and I've been a member of Catholics United for more than three years.

On June 24th of last year, my family entered a nightmare. My brother James was diagnosed in an emergency room with a treatable form of cancer - treatable if he had health insurance. Because he lacked coverage, he was sent home coughing up blood. In the intervening time, his cancer has spread and James is in a fight for his life.

The Catholic community has long cared for the under-insured like my James. But now the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops faces a big decision. The bishops can recognize the dire situation of millions of Americans, like James, suffering from inadequate health care, or they can allow the ongoing debate on abortion to derail the best chance for health care reform in a generation. The compromise language in the president’s plan reflects almost everything the bishops asked for, including prohibiting federal funding of abortions. But the bishops still won't support health care reform. Worse, they may lobby against it.

As a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and as a sincere Catholic, I am asking that you join me in calling on the Catholic bishops to support health care reform.

To help remind the bishops that thousands of faithful Catholics support health care reform, Catholics United has set up an easy-to-use tool that allows you to email the bishops directly. If the bishops hear from enough of us, perhaps they won't be so quick to oppose reform. And we can certainly make it clear that there are thousands if not millions of Catholics who want better health care.

Will you join me in emailing the bishops today? Ask them to honor my brother's dignity and the dignity of all those who suffer from poor health coverage by supporting reform.

The health care debate is not about abortion. If the bishops are serious about upholding the dignity of every life they should honor the dignity of the thousands who suffer without health care - especially those who have died from a treatable illness. Catholic moral teaching has been second to none in advancing the cause of dignity and the common good. For my brother’s sake, join me in asking the bishops to honor these teachings by supporting health care for all.


Patricia Pignatiello, Catholics United Member

PS - To view the president's health care reform plan, click here.