Catholics United Challenges Bill Donohue to Debate Catholics Values and the Economy

Posted April 17, 2009

Asks Donohue for a more substantive debate than criticizing stage decorations.

In response to the far-right’s misleading attack on the White House preparations for Obama’s appearance at Georgetown University on Tuesday, Catholics United communications director James Salt issued the following statement:

“Far-right Catholic groups have become so irrelevant that they’ve reduced themselves to complaining about the stage setting at Obama’s April 14th appearance at Georgetown University. As the new Administration and Congress seek to fight unemployment, rescue the banks and end the senseless conflict in Iraq, all Bill Donohue and his friends at Fox News and the Drudge Report can do is complain about the President’s set decoration?

Americans are tired of this ideologically-driven nonsense. The American people - including Catholics – have made it clear that they want us to move past the political antics of fear and distraction to solve our nation’s urgent problems. Catholics United challenges Bill Donohue to a debate on how Catholic values should influence the economic recovery plan.’

To learn more about the misleading attacks on the stage setting at Georgetown University, visit Faith and Public Life's analysis here.