PRESS RELEASE: Self-appointed ‘Catholic leader’ smears Catholics United; group responds

Posted February 18, 2012

Washington, DC – In a blog post written Thursday, February 16, William “Bill” Donohue, CEO of the Catholic League, stated falsehoods about Catholics United as a result of one mention of the organization at a Congressional hearing regarding women’s access to birth control.

The Catholic League is a self-styled “civil rights group” based in New York. In the post, Mr. Donohue claimed Catholics United is “a George Soros-funded anti-Catholic front group.” He went on to say Soros has “poured a ton of money” into the organization.

“Absolute nonsense,” said James Salt, executive director of Catholics United. “Our 40,000-member organization has never received a cent from Mr. Soros or any of his affiliated groups. I’m puzzled why Mr. Donohue continues to spread this falsehood. Furthermore, I find Mr. Donohue’s use of the smear term ‘anti-Catholic’ highly offensive and disgusting. As a fellow person of the Catholic faith, I expect Mr. Donohue to be above that.”

Salt said though his organization has never received money from Soros, he’d welcome contributions if they were made to further the mission of Catholic Social Teaching and in a spirit of good faith.

“This is all quite sad,” Salt said. “Mr. Donohue, director of the Catholic League – dedicated to protecting the rights of Catholics – is busy staging a one man inquisition and smear campaign against fellow Catholics. Meanwhile, real people are hurting in this country. I invite Mr. Donohue to look past his personal agenda and join with us in forwarding a mission of social justice.”

Founded in 2004, Catholics United is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting the message of justice and the common good found at the heart of the Catholic Social Tradition. For more information about Catholics United, follow us on our Facebook page ( or on our blog at