PRESS RELEASE: Illinois Bishop Who Compared Obama to Hitler Orders Anti-Obama Letter Be Read at Weekend Masses

Posted November 01, 2012

WASHINGTON – In a letter sent this week to area Catholics, Peoria, Ill., Bishop Daniel Jenky ordered priests in his diocese to read a blistering anti-Obama statement at all upcoming weekend Masses. In addition to comparing Democratic politicians to Roman soldiers who beat and persecuted Jesus Christ, in his statement he implied voting against Mitt Romney in next Tuesday’s election is a grave sin.

Bishop Jenky made international news earlier this year when he compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler and invading jihadists in the Middle Ages.

“What we’re seeing from Bishop Jenky is shocking, but sadly not surprising,” said James Salt, executive director for Catholics United. “The good bishop forgets we no longer live in a theocracy. For the sake of his flock and his IRS status, he would be well advised to cease using the pulpits of his diocese for partisan proclamations.”

Opinion polls show the bishops’ embrace of far-right political causes has the effect of driving younger generations of Catholics away from the faith.

“By brazenly violating IRS and church guidelines against partisan activity, Bishop Jenky has shown that he is more interested in following the paths of Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson than the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Salt. “As more and more younger Catholics abandon the faith on account of the bishops’ far-right politics, Bishop Jenky should ponder how his antics will affect the relevance of the Catholic bishops for generations to come.”

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