Ann Coulter, Shock Theologian

Posted October 17, 2007

Attempting to weasel out of her latest PR-stunt gone awry, Ann Coulter has now set her sights on Catholics United. What an honor! I only wish that in addition to giving Coulter yet another soapbox for her backward views, the authors of today’s one-sided NewsMax piece had chosen to use a little bit more of the interview I gave.

Ms. Coulter can believe whatever she wants about her need for our Jewish brothers and sisters to “perfect” themselves by converting to Christianity. But when she crossed the line into suggesting that America would be better off if everyone were Christian, she defiled the very principles upon which this nation was formed.

As I told NewsMax last week, Catholics and Americans don’t just tolerate people of different faiths like we tolerate a crying child on a plane, we believe that having a society made up of Jews, Muslims, Christians - even Atheists - is what makes our country great.

I wonder if Ms. Coulter would be happier if she lived in a place that shares her disregard for religious diversity. I hear Iran is nice this time of year.

Chris Korzen
Executive Director
Catholics United


A respected Catholic theologian wrote to remind me of the following yesterday:

The Second Vatican Council stated in the Declaration on Religious Freedom (no. 3) that every person is "bound to follow his conscience faithfully, in order that he may come to God." Further, the Declaration on Religious Freedom no. 4 states that "in spreading religious faith... everyone ought at all times to refrain from any manner of action that might seem to carry a hint of a kind of coercion or of a kind of persuasion that would be dishonorable or unworthy." Thus, communicating and sharing Christian faith is indeed part of the mission of Christians, but only in ways that fully respect the freedom of all others. These are the official teachings of the Council.