Catholics United Welcomes the Nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Posted May 26, 2009

Catholics United executive director Chris Korzen issued the following statement today in response to the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court:

“Catholics United welcomes President Obama's nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court. We admire Judge Sotomayor's reputation for putting aside political beliefs in order to issue sound legal decisions, her commitment to religious liberty, and her significant federal judicial experience. These are precisely the qualities that Catholics look for in those we trust to interpret the law.”

“In addition to her distinguished professional career, Judge Sotomayor's own personal experience makes her uniquely suited to serve our nation in this important position. She has a first-hand understanding of the plights of America's immigrants and working families, having been born to Puerto Rican parents and raised in a housing project in the South Bronx. When confirmed, Judge Sotomayor will be the first Hispanic to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. We wholeheartedly embrace this move toward a judiciary that better represents the diversity of the American people.”

“We call on other leadersin the Catholic community to join us in welcoming Judge Sotomayor's nomination and to approach her confirmation hearings civility and reason.”